Aly Raisman fires back after ‘rude’ body-shaming incident at airport

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Aly Raisman responds after ‘rude and uncomfortable’ body-shaming incident
After an exchange with airport security officials left Raisman feeling offended, she took to Twitter to vent.
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Ariana Grande: Dad of 3 sends moving message to the singer after Manchester attack
A father of three girls has warmed hearts with an uplifting message to Ariana Grande in the aftermath of the deadly bombing at her concert.
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Sarah Hyland addresses health issues, slams claims she’s ‘promoting anorexia’
The actress found herself facing body-shaming barbs and accusations of promoting anorexia, and now she wants to set the record straight.
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Caroline Kennedy on dad JFK: I’ve ‘missed him every day of my life’
John F. Kennedy’s daughter and three grandchildren reflect on his legacy in a video marking what would have been his 100th birthday.
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Brad Pitt was almost on ‘Cheers’? Find out why he didn’t get the role
Sure, everybody knows his name now, but an A-list star has to get a start somewhere.
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‘This Is Us’ was originally going to be a movie — about octuplets!
Dan Fogelman, the hit NBC show’s creator, reveals his original idea for the drama, which he intended to be a feature film.
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Watch Noah Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus perform ‘I’m Stuck’ live on TODAY
At just 17, Noah Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and little sister of Miley Cyrus) has two hit songs and a debut album on the way. Backed up by her dad, she performs her new single, “I’m Stuck,” live in the TODAY studio.
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New mom Ellie Kemper shares the sweet family history behind her baby’s name
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Watch this tortoise absolutely devour a strawberry
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These funny moms get real about bathing suit season
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