Easy cookout recipes

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Spice up your cookout with chorizo-chicken burgers & chili-butter corn on the cob
Flavorful chorizo and chicken burgers and sweet and spicy corn on the cob will spice up your Memorial Day barbecue.
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Firecracker Shrimp Tacos
This is a tasty shrimp taco recipe that you could prepare outdoors during a beautiful summer day by the pool with friends and family.
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Easy 5-ingredient summer desserts anyone can make
Gesine Bullock-Prado shares recipes for pavlova and a freeform blueberry pie that require just 5 ingredients outside of pantry staples.
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We just want to squeeze these mini avocados from Trader Joe’s
Bags of these adorable — and cheap! — avocados are now in Trader Joe’s stores. Here’s why we are hooked.
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Red wine brownies are the sweetest way to get your buzz on
Nothing goes together like chocolate and red wine. The combo epitomizes sensual indulgence.
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Would you eat bagels stuffed with Oreo cream cheese? (Kathie Lee won’t)
To celebrate National Wine Day, Kathie Lee and Hoda try “fros?,” a frozen cocktail made with ros? wine. KLG approves, but she won’t try bagels stuffed with Oreo-filled cream cheese. (Would you?)
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Nominate your dad for a grilling lesson on the TODAY Plaza in New York City
For Father’s Day, we’re turning up the heat — on the grill that is. Find the instructions on how to submit through the link below.
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Over-the-Top Starbucks Drinks
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Chicken chorizo burgers, grilled corn: Make them for Memorial Day
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Enjoy frosé like Kathie Lee and Hoda! Here’s how to make it
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